Agriculture has seen significant advancements in robotics technology in recent years, making it an exciting field for students interested in robotics.


Biotechnology and robotics are two interdisciplinary fields that have been merging to create new opportunities and applications. Biotechnology can provide robotics with unique features such as biomimicry, biocompatibility, and sensing capabilities.

Food Science

Food science and robotics can be integrated in several ways to enhance student learning. Some examples are Food processing robots,Sensory analysis robots etc.

Life Science

There are many ways in which life science is used in robotics for students. Few examples are Biomimicry, Bioengineering,and Neural networks.


There are several applications of robotics in healthcare that can be used to teach students about the field. Here are a few examples are Robotic surgery, Rehabilitation robotics, Telemedicine robots etc.


There are several types of accounts that can be used in robotics for students, depending on their needs and level of experience.Online robotics courses, Robotics community websites etc.


Robots support the discovery of vital new treatments; enable faster medical tests for patients; help pharmaceutical manufacturers to meet increasingly strict regulations for the production of medicines and maximise the efficiency of drug production.


IT/ITES is an integral part of robotics education for students. Robotics involves the design, construction, programming, and operation of robots, which can perform a variety of tasks.


Automotive technology can be used in robotics for students in a variety of ways.Here are some examples Vehicle Automation, Robot Design etc.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles can be a great tool for teaching robotics to students. Here are some ways they can be used Remote-controlled vehicles, Autonomous vehicles etc.


There are several sports that can be used in robotics for students, including Robot Soccer, Robot Sumo, Drone Racing etc.


There are many electronics components that are commonly used in robotics projects for students. Here are some of the most important ones Microcontroller, Motor driver, Sensors etc.